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Introducing the Angel Business Club

The Angel Business Club is a private, Members' only business investment Club with thousands of active members around the world. If you have ever wanted to reap the massive rewards of investing in small businesses that have the potential to become the next huge corporate success story, making you a fortune in the process, then this is the Club for you. 

Receive real shares in exciting, privately owned businesses, every month

Join the Club and every month you'll receive shares in exciting young businesses. Choose an affordable subscription and receive shares to the same value (minus a small admin fee of just €10). Being a member of the Club gives you an affordable way to profit from opportunities that are normally only available to the super rich and you don't need any special skills or qualifications.


Key Benefits



Choose an affordable subscription and receive shares every month to the same value of your subscription, less a small admin fee.


Safe and secure

All investments through the Club are via an FCA approved and regulated company, Angel Corporate Finance Ltd FCA Registration Number: 189495


Receive shares every month

Club members receive shares every month. These shares are in young startup businesses and could one day be worth a fortune.


Proven track record

The Club has an impressive track record, having invested in over a dozen young businesses since 2015. Two have already floated on the London Stock Exchange.

A fast growing portfolio

The Angel Business Club was founded in 2015 and has already built up an impressive portfolio of investments for it's members with two of their investments already successfully floated on the London Stock Exchange and others looking to float in the near future.

The Club carefully selects opportunities where they can add value through human capital and skills as well as financial input. The Angel Business Club is NOT just another crowdfunding Club, it's a unique business accelerator that takes an active interest in the the businesses it invests in.

Shares owned by Club members

Widecells Group PLC

The Angel Business Club became a significant shareholder in Widecells Group PLC, in April 2016. Widecells floated on the London Stock Exchange in July 2016.

Members of the Club saw substantial gains in the value of their shares, with some members seeing a 100% gain by October 2016.

The Rockster Ltd

Rockster is a premium brand dog food company and a young British company with massive ambitions.

Founders, Zoe and Sven Ley, come from a highly successful business background. They are driving Rockster forward at an incrediblly fast pace, having recently secured two huge distribution agreements in the USA and the Far East.

Firescape Global

Firescape Global are a British company with a revolutionary firefighting product with worldwide potential.

It's products are already approved by London Fire Brigade Enterprises.

Firescape Global are aiming to float on the London Stock Exchange

You are always in control

You are always in control of your subscription. You can choose to hold onto your shares or you can sell them to other Club members. Most members of the Club are in it for the medium to long term, to let their shares rise to their full potential value before exiting when the company becomes a takeover target or floats on a public stock exchange.  If you want to "cash out" early, you can sell your shares any time you want in the private internal share exchange. The internal share exchange facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

More shares owned by Club members

Ridercam Systems Ltd

Ridercam Systems Ltd are the world's leading technology providers when it comes to delivering HD video souvenirs from roller-coasters in theme parks.

Ridercam Systems recently won a massive contract from the world's largest roller coaster manufacturer and are planning to float on a major stock exchange in early 2019.

SmartTrade App

SmartTrade App's aim is to become the world's leading App in assisting small businesses to take payments using just a smart phone. They recently signed a massive contract with Barclays Bank PLC, the UK's 2nd biggest bank.

The Angel Business Club and it's members are significant investors in this exciting young company.

Britannia's Gold Ltd

Over 700 official gold carrying ships were sunk in the first and second world war. Estimated value of the sunken gold is in excess of £150 billion.

Britannia's Gold Ltd aim to salvage some of these wrecks and bring back the gold. Angel Business Club and it's members own a substantial share and stand to receive massive cash dividends if Britannia's Gold are successful.

Hands free investments

One of the great strengths of the Club is that members don't need to make any investment decisions personally. Many members treat the Club as a simple savings plan. Just choose an affordable monthly contribution plan and let the experts make the investments for you. Sit back and receive shares every month in brilliant, young, start up companies. All the shares have potential for massive growth. Your portfolio of shares grows every month, totally hands free.

Meet some of the team

Philip Reid - Chairman

Philip Reid has over 35 years experience of financial services, specialising in the selection and funding of early stage companies.

He was a Chief Executive of the National Research Development Corporation, a UK Government backed venture capital organisation which oversaw the exploitation of many of the leading UK innovations.

He was later a Senior Vice President of Merrill Lynch and in recent years has been Chairman of some five AIM or Plus Listed public companies.

Dominic Berger - CEO

Dominic is a serial entrepreneur. In 1998 Dominic co-founded, pioneering one of the world's first online TV platforms. In 1999 he joined BlackStar Associates, the largest online video and DVD retailer in the UK, as Managing Director. 

In 2003 he founded Venue Solutions, a strategy consulting business. In 2005 Dominic lead the flotation of Venue Solutions Holdings PLC on to the AIM market.

He founded Universal Outdoor Group Plc in 2008 which he listed on the German stock exchange in 2009.

Dan Mc Aleese - Compliance

Daniel has over 25 years experience in compliance and regulation. Daniel started his career at the London Stock Exchange before becoming a senior policy adviser at the FCA's predecessor, the Securities and Futures Authority for a number of years.

He became head of UK and European Compliance at Smith Barney Europe Ltd and then PaineWebber Europe Ltd. 

Daniel later set up his own compliance consultancy firm; Robinson Mack Ltd in 2005. Daniel is also the Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) of the Group.

"insiders view"

Want to know what it's like to be a member of the Club, here's an "insiders view".


Affiliate Commissions

Spot the potential of the Club? Any member of the Club can also take part in the affiliate programme. Rather than pay to advertise the Club, it uses that money to pay it's members for spreading the good news. Instant cash commissions are payable, repeating every month for the lifetime of each referral. Just tick the "I want to be an affiliate" box in the "settings" in your back office and you can become an affiliate at no extra cost.

Earn €1,080 from a single referral?

If you are not used to lifetime revenue share affiliate programs, it is easy to underestimate how powerful they are. Here's a quick example. Suppose you refer a member who joins as a member at €295 a month. You would earn €30 commission per month, every month, no matter what level of membership you were yourself. If that member remains a paying member for just 36 months, you would  earn a total of €1,080 for that one referral. Not a bad result for just sharing a link to a website?!

Successful Track Record

Angel investing can be very profitable. There are no guarantees of returns, but the track record of the Club so far is that they have invested in good companies with many growing fast. There will be failures, that's inevitable, but by being a member of the Club you will quickly build up a wide portfolio of shares, minimising your risk whilst still being having a decent chance of finding tomorrow's corporate superstars.

Join thousands of happy members, worldwide

I love getting more shares every month

What's the point in having money in the bank these days? I needed something that could give me a chance for my savings to grow without needing to know about stocks or investing. I love getting more shares every month. What a great Club.

RAY G  //  Retired. Porto, Portugal

Putting my money to work

I've always been interested in investing and putting my money to work. I've seen "the dragons" make fortunes on TV but I've never have the opportunity to get involved like this before. It's simple, affordable, great fun and potentially, very profitable.

PAUL H  //  Engineer, Yorkshire, UK

Normally only available to the super wealthy...

The Club is a brilliant opportunity to get shares in start up businesses that are normally only available to the super wealthy. It's the best savings and investment plan I've seen in a long time..

CHARLES S  //  Retired, Retail Industry. Kent, UK.

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